Healing sessions can be performed in person or by distance.  Usually sessions last anywhere from 1 hour- 1 ˝hr.  Healing in person involve lying down on a massage table fully clothed while I work on you, generally in the aura.  There is no “suppose to feel like” when receiving a healing.  Most generally the person will feel very relaxed and may even go out for a bit.  It is quite common to feel a warm tingling sensation as the energy works in the person and it can take a day or two to fully settle in.  I generally recommend a person start with a balancing of energies.  Aura clearings, chakra clearings and balancing are available and can assist a person in dealing with a physical illness.  Cord cuttings can release you from a negative attachment to someone.  Cord stretching is an alternative which is done when you perhaps need a healthy distance placed between you and someone who is in your life that you don't necessarily want to walk away from, but just need a little independence from.  Cord stretching and cord cutting also will have a positive affect on the other person involved.  It can make them step back without realizing it.

Gemstone layouts can be done for a variety of purposes including spiritual growth, addiction, depression and some physical ailments.  Gemstone sessions usually last around ˝ hour.  Gemstone healings are accompanied by shoulder healings which are very relaxing.

I offer several upgrades. Anyone is able to receive the 10,000 step upgrade which is a very big boost spiritually. There are no prerequisites. I am also able to both administer a new 30,000+ step upgrade and to initiate teachers of this incredible upgrade. This is only available to those who have taken at least Level 1 of Universal White Time. In addition to the advances in ones spiritual growth it provides a deeper connection beyond the Well of White Time that is very profound. The 10,000 step upgrade is $50.00 and can be done on distance. The 30,000+ upgrade is $115.00 and can also be done on distance. A skype session is recommended for this upgrade. As an Assistant Head Teacher I am able to offer this to anyone up to and including High Teachers. Anyone wishing to be trained in doing this upgrade should contact me for more information.

I do not diagnose disease.  Healings sessions can provide an emotional release that allows you the spiritual support to deal with a physical disorder.  Every session is unique and there can be no guarantees on how the energy will work for anyone, but it can only be used for good.

Sessions in person are $65.00/hour.  If you are unable to pay, contact me and we will work something out.  These are challenging times for many and I am here to assist.

Sessions by distance vary according to what is needed.