Signs from the Board of Knowledge provide us with possibilities.  This is ancient knowledge that has only been available to us here on earth in the last few years.  There is nothing to study, nothing to look at.  They are sent by distance.  They can be used for just about any purpose, but their intent is to help someone grow.  One can ask for signs for opening up spiritually, or help with a situation or for what is most needed.  These signs are very powerful and can not be rejected by the recipient because they work on the soul level.  They can be sent to someone you know and love without them knowing.  They only work for the person's highest good.  Sometimes they just make sure we meet the right person to help us with a problem.  No appointments are made when signs are given as the Board decides when it is right for a person to receive them.  They can work in a subtle and sometimes, in a not so subtle way.  Signs sometimes combine when they are sent so a person could actually receive multiple signs in one session.  It is best to allow the signs to settle in to a person before doing another session.

Board of knowledge sessions are $36 for 3 sessions.

Preprogrammed water with signs from the Board of Knowledge are also available. There are options of water programmed to assist with physical, with emotional issues or one for spiritual growth. One drop in a glass of 8oz of water is all that is needed.  These may be used by anyone.  You may opt for a water that is specifically preprogrammed for you.  A specially charged water may also be purchased to clear physical space.  You may put drops in or around your home, office or anywhere you feel it is needed.  These waters are available in 1/2oz size bottles (approx. 350-400 drops) for $20.00 per bottle.  A set of four may be purchased for $70.00.

Preprogrammed Board Water - Detrimental, for clearing

Preprogrammed Board Water - Spiritual

Preprogrammed Board Water - Physical

Preprogrammed Board Water - Emotions

Preprogrammed Board Water - Complete set of 4

Charged gemstones are also available for $15.00.  You may select from amethyst,  chrysocolla, rose quartz or hematite.  Check with me for the availability of other gemstones.

Charged Gemstone - Hematite

Charged Gemstone - Rose Quartz

Charged Gemstone - Chrysocolla

Charged Gemstone - Amethyst