The Beyond is a place where human minds can't reach yet. Still, these teachings open the door for a little bit of an understanding of what The Beyond has to reveal. The Beyond is pure Divinity beyond all religions, and other spiritual teachings. It talks about before... Before, meaning before our Creation itself even started or was formed. Before God as we see it. In a time when all there was was Divine Energy in a Higher Form and in a Higher Place.

We call it The Beyond but also The Holy Divine Structure. Because it talks about the structure of how Divinity started and formed itself, before anything became that now exists. All and Everything and Everyone are a part of The Beyond with their inner Essence. These classes want us to connect with that Essence and open ourselves up from this level to reach the Highest of it All.

Usually we talk about having a Higher Self and our Spiritual growth is about reaching that level. But what if we could go beyond that, from here, and teach our Higher Self an Understanding that it cannot reach itself? The Beyond is partly understandable and reachable from here, but not from the space of your Higher Self. That means that your Higher Self will greet this Knowledge and welcome it with open arms. Your Higher Self will respond by maybe opening the link that you wanted from the beginning of your Spirituality. Sometimes Knowledge needs be taught from the lowest level, to be able to reach the highest, because the highest level stopped searching for more, out of contentment in its perfect harmonious environment, while we, as humans, keep on searching.

Class time is self paced.


Beyond 1 class is $350.00

Beyond 2 class is $500.00