My mom and I used to collect rocks when I was a child.  Little did I know I would find myself working with them as an energy healer.  Everything is energy and everyone can become a healer.  I knew many years ago I had this ability and searched for the right course of study for me.  As soon as I heard about Universal White Time healing I knew I found my answer. 

Universal White Time healing is a gentle force.  It can be used for physical, emotional, spiritual healing or even situations.  The energy is pure and can only be used for the higher good.  Both the healer and the client are protected in the sessions.  The client is generally very relaxed at the end of a session.  A simple 10 minute shoulder healing offers us benefits not yet fully understood.

I offer hands on energy healing sessions as well as gemstone layouts.  A simple balancing session can do a great deal to help bring one into better focus.  Cord cutting seems to be in great need these days.  This simple procedure can help you release negative ties that are holding you back and/or creating disharmony in your life.  Gemstone layouts vary from chakra balancing, aura cleansing, to stress relief.  Sessions are generally 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.  Long distance healing is also available.   The uses for Universal White Time are unlimited.